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SUBWISE PODCAST Выпуск 032 добавлен 10.10.14 17:31

Glimsy’s live record

subwise podcast 031
SUBWISE PODCAST Выпуск 031 добавлен 29.09.14 19:31

Seat back and relax. This is Ambient

subwise podcast 030
SUBWISE PODCAST Выпуск 030 добавлен 24.09.14 10:44

Stunning Ambient performance by Michael K from St.Petersburg, Russia

SUBWISE PODCAST Выпуск 029 добавлен 10.09.14 17:01

Inspiring Future Bass / Chillstep mix by Protogroup from St.Petersburg, Russia

SUBWISE PODCAST Выпуск 028 добавлен 01.09.14 18:46

Producer mix by Tony Deus from Moscow, Russia

subwise podcast 027
SUBWISE PODCAST Выпуск 027 добавлен 28.08.14 00:27

Awesome mix from St.Petersburg based dnb/leftfield producer Space Depth

subwise podcast 026
SUBWISE PODCAST Выпуск 026 добавлен 03.07.14 00:59

Compilated by SRPNT

subwise podcast 025
SUBWISE PODCAST Выпуск 025 добавлен 09.06.14 16:34

170 bpm electronica mix by our newcomer — Cri8 from Lvov, Ukraine!

subwise podcast 024
SUBWISE PODCAST Выпуск 024 добавлен 26.02.14 20:29

Sideflip’s live set

subwise podcast 023
SUBWISE PODCAST Выпуск 023 добавлен 29.01.14 19:21

Self-mix from our newcomer Glimsy, from St.Petersburg, Russia



SUBWISE - it's a experimental music netlabel from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. SUBWISE unites musicians who write experimental electronic music - together with some other genres, too. The organizers at Subwise used to publish recordings that had a rather 'hard' sound, but now they place an emphasis on softer works. That does not mean to say, however, that things are any less interesting!

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  • SUBWISE PODCAST SUBWISE - it's a experimental music netlabel from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. SUBWISE unites musicians...

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