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SUBWISE PODCAST #005 добавлен 03.09.11 00:30

Живое выступление ZEЛЁНKIN & Ilya Zap @ MACHINARIUM

subwise podcast #004
SUBWISE PODCAST Выпуск 004 добавлен 01.04.11 13:25

Our new podcast is mixed by Paraphonic from Pendle, UK.
Is a 1 hour 47 minute mix by Paraphonic featuring 74 Creative Commons Licence tracks by 64 artists that have kindly released their work through various Net-Labels based around the world. This mix is intended as a strictly non-profit C.C. Licence release showcasing the talent of the featured artists and thanking them for their generosity in releasing their works under C.C. Licence. Please support the featured artists by checking the track-listing (included in the comments section of the MP3 format) and visiting the associated artists’ media sites and offering to support them promotionally or monetarily for their work.

subwise podcast 003
SUBWISE PODCAST Выпуск 003 добавлен 15.03.11 15:52

Our third podcast with our newcomer young russian musician and produser Blear Moon from Snezhinsk - the youngest of the closed Russian cities. In Snezhinsk, alias Chelyabinsk-70, created more than half the nuclear warheads that stand in the Russian Army, including all warheads of strategic missile systems for the Air Force and Navy bombs.

SUBWISE PODCAST Выпуск 002 добавлен 05.03.11 20:39

Second SUBWISE podcast with awesome Ukrainian band "Sport & Music"

SUBWISE PODCAST Выпуск 001 добавлен 09.11.10 16:42

First SUBWISE podcast edition with a wonderful Russian musician Raumskaya who will present his self mix



SUBWISE - it's a experimental music netlabel from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. SUBWISE unites musicians who write experimental electronic music - together with some other genres, too. The organizers at Subwise used to publish recordings that had a rather 'hard' sound, but now they place an emphasis on softer works. That does not mean to say, however, that things are any less interesting!

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  • SUBWISE PODCAST SUBWISE - it's a experimental music netlabel from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. SUBWISE unites musicians...

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